Meet Neeta the writer
Till the age of six, children must groom their language and numerical skills. However, when her own children were very young, Neeta found a gaping void in this area – there were no good schools in Kolkata that facilitated an early curriculum for language and number development in young kids.
Thus, when she was training for Montessori education, she wrote several worksheets, which were later converted into an entire curriculum, to fill up this gap. This actually transformed her into an author. In fact, many schools today diligently follow the books penned by her and even intend to make it a part of their curriculum in the future.
With her deep involvement in the education sector, Neeta today has nine books to her credit that have proved her prowess as an author. She has penned books on language, mathematics and literature in her bid to make a difference to the lives of children and the society at large. The books are soon to be retailed on the online platform as well.
Dynamic as she is, there are many other publications in the pipeline as well.


“Before excellence comes knowledge,
which is the most precious gift ever given”