Armed with her futuristic vision, Neeta has always maintained that education must not be restricted to a privileged few of our society. This prompted her to initiate Shivam Eduwings Foundation – an NGO that aims at providing the best possible education to the youngest members of our society, irrespective of their background and abilities.

Most underprivileged children drop out of government schools due to a lack of quality education. Neeta believes that these children need the right motivation, personalized care and a forward-thinking vision to help them understand the value of good education and enjoy learning. The NGO has been regularly organising several food drives & stationery drives. With the help of very generous funding from compassionate parents and individuals, they curate and donate food packages, stationery bundles, books and clothes to the underprivileged children. “We want to instill the power of education in the minds of young children and provide equal and quality education for all!”


“Before excellence comes knowledge,
which is the most precious gift ever given”