We are the wind beneath your wings!

True to its tagline ‘we are the wind beneath your wings’, Wings considers every child to be unique wherein they are encouraged and guided to blossom into confident, happy and interactive children. In fact, this tagline has always been very special to Neeta, and the expression is something that has tugged at her heart since the time she was in Class X.

Wings, the popular and ever-growing novel brainchild of Neeta, is a unique Pre-school, Day Care and Activity Centre, offering an array of activities under one roof. This unique initiative proved to be a result of a long-term vision of Neeta (Founder, mentor and principal); under the aegis of Shivam Eduwings Foundation.

The institution, which was initiated in 2016 with just five kids, has grown exponentially and currently tutelages around 600 happy children. It boasts of three branches in Kolkata, with a pan-India franchisee module. The methodology of operation also finds expression in her motto: ‘Dare to dream, Learn to excel’.

Making an indelible mark

Wings, which was flagged off as just a Montessori, has today grown into a Preschool, Day Care (a home away from home) and Activity Centre. Promoting a live, dynamic and interactive learning platform, it has created a niche for itself for providing co-curricular activity training to children in the age group of 1.5-12 years.
The primary focus is on developing impeccable social, linguistic, cognitive and motor skills through an international learning method. The curriculum is a perfect blend of the established Reggio Emila Method, Waldorf Education, Montessori style of teaching and the Play-Way Method. Needless to say, this student-centric, activity-based, experiential teaching system has been very well appreciated by discerning parents as well as the teaching fraternity.
Currently offering 25 activities, this constantly-churning hub of learning has more innovative, engaging and internationally-acclaimed programmes in the pipeline.
The Wings Multi-Activity Centre functions as a bridge between the home and school. It promotes the holistic development of the all-important life-skills in children in an extremely stimulating and welcoming environment. The Wings Day Care has earned a rich reputation of providing a conducive learning environment through the medium of playing where all the key elements associated with a child’s development, interests and needs are thoroughly emphasized as well as reinforced.
All in all, Wings takes pride in its mission of nurturing a generation of children and empowering them with the potential to become leaders of tomorrow.

Strong, cohesive management

The success of this noble endeavour largely stems from its strong and dedicated management, in addition to its in-depth and well-thought learning methodology. Neeta Kanoria, as the director and principal, is supported by her closest friend and co-director Priyanka Agarwal, a thorough entrepreneur with strong business credentials, is in charge of financial management and has been a close advisor in every step of development.
In fact, the entire team’s commitment to their work and keen understanding of the ever-changing landscape of the business of education has propelled Wings to where it is stands today.

The strongest pillar of Wings – the faculty!

Above all, Neeta Kanoria dedicates the stupendous success of Wings solely to the undying and unfaltering commitment of her faculty and team members. At a personal level, each member has been a source of encouragement, learning and, most importantly, inspiration!

The concept

Ask her about the concept behind the formation of Wings and Neeta’s eyes light up! Being the mother of two bright children, she was always inclined towards the psychology of children and felt that there was a pressing need for a structured curriculum for pre-schoolers, to certify their all-round development. This led this young educationist, with a keen vision for the future, to embark on her journey to revolutionize the sphere of early education – what she devised, falls under one of the most coherent and effective language, mathematics and concept curriculums in the country today! She puts things in perspective and says, If you want something in life, you get it, if you don’t get it, you never wanted it badly enough.

Gearing up for the future

As the saying goes, ‘the morning shows the day’! With a curriculum attuned to the future, enrolling in Wings is the perfect platform to get your child to understand and grasp the nuances of digital education right from an early age. It is needless to say that digital education is the future of learning in India and across the world.

Neeta always thrives on challenges and says: “Without challenges, life becomes stagnant. These roadblocks instil the determination and courage in you to work hard to overcome them. I compare conquering my challenges to an aeroplane taking off the ground, exercising all its momentum.

Although I was initially not in favour of digital education, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted to us the importance of digitization today, and we have happily embraced it as part of our constant endeavour to be abreast of the times and ahead of our competitors!” she adds.

This form of education imparted at Wings is bringing about radical changes in the way learning is being delivered and received, besides enhancing the outreach as well as the efficacy of teaching programmes.

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“Before excellence comes knowledge,
which is the most precious gift ever given”