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Virtual is the way forward!

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The global pandemic has altered the lives of all of us, including our children. Young children have experienced a significant change, where their regular school routine has been replaced by online education, and parents have also had to invest appropriately to facilitate this virtual education. 

Most of the young ones seem to be quite intrigued and thrilled about the world’s technological developments. Surprisingly, it has had a positive impact on their imagination, fantasies and creativity. While they cannot meet their friends in person, they have adjusted to connecting virtually and have found their share of fun in the process. 

Reinvention of the wheel for teachers

The online medium of teaching has brought about a significant change in the style of teaching. Teachers have had to make significant adjustments in making the process more visual compared to the age-old conventional techniques. This inevitably has a positive impact on the kids as we are all aware that human memory is able to retain better through visuals.

Technological boon and bane

We are at a junction where our dependency on technology has grown by leaps and bounds. In the future, almost all workplaces would involve a heavy influx of technological involvements, and it is only fair that the children are getting exposed to the trend from an early age. They will be well geared up for the times where the competition will only be getting stiffer. The sense of logic and reasoning for children today is at an all-time high! During the lockdown, some of them have been heavily exposed even into coding and programming. The generation is cerebrally way more advanced, thanks to their intense exposure to the digital medium.

As is the case with any boon, there are a few challenges which need to be addressed. While it has become a major responsibility of the parents and caregivers to supervise the content children are being exposed to, there is a fair amount of fake news and explicit content on the web that the children need to avoid. The overdose of exposure to the screens may have adverse effects on the eyesight in the long run; hence it is essential to make sure that the gadgets are equipped with the latest filters to minimise exposure as much as possible. Posture and physical fitness of children may be another concern, and parents need to encourage and engage their children in some form of outdoor sports.

A positive future

Reputed educators and child counsellors like Neeta Kanoria reckon the present scenario seems to be a hopeful one. The current virtual education system is bringing about a much-needed change in the education realm. Along with incorporating new techniques, it is encouraging students to think creatively rather than just memorising. 

The thrust on online education is also helping them learn new instructional skills through technology and other interdisciplinary approaches. All in all, the future seems to be sunny for the next generation!

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