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Give your child a head start for the future

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The formative years of a child are the key to future development and success. This is why educators and child counsellors advocate priming the child’s brain towards learning from a very early age. As we may be aware, the human brain starts growing before birth and develops right till adulthood. However, the first 7-8 years is critical for building the foundation for future learning, health and achievement for any child.

Nurture, attention and communication a must

Nurturing and responsive care for the child’s body and mind are the first positive steps that parents should take towards promoting healthy brain development. Children are born ready to learn and acquire skill-sets as they grow up. While these skills, like proficiency towards a particular subject, art form or sport, may sometimes be inherent, they are also dependent on the situations they encounter throughout their childhood. Positive and negative experiences add up to shaping a child’s development and can have life-long effects. 

Children learn and grow best in an environment where they are showered with quality time and attention from their parents, siblings, friends, and early educators. Parents and other caregivers can support early brain growth by communicating with their children, playing with them and giving them due attention. Exposing them early to creative forums like books, stories, songs and even specific subject areas such as language, mathematics, and design helps strengthen the child’s learning prowess. This makes them aligned and ready for learning and developing skill-sets, under the aegis of educational institutions and even the walk of life!

The importance of early learning

Reputed Montessori schools help build leadership, co-ordination and concentration skills in young children by focusing on multiple activities and using different paces for every child. In addition to maintaining an environment at home that is conducive for learning, it is also a trend for many young parents today to enrol their kids into pre-montessori learning centres, in a bid to hone their abilities from a very young age. 

Building a strong foundation for learning

Filling up the deficit of reputed pre-nursery and Montessori organizations, Wings has garnered immense popularity in recent times for providing multi-activity and co-curricular activities for kids in the age group of 2.5 to 12. A brainchild of Neeta Kanoria, a reputed educator and child counsellor, ithas created a niche for itself for building social, linguistic, cognitive and fine motor skills- all under one roof.

Neeta Kanoria has had an immense contribution in the education sector and loves to be associated with children. Considering every child to be unique, she believes that early training in toddlers helps them blossom into confident, happy and interactive children. She firmly believes that an all-inclusive development for any child from a very young age is crucial to readying the mind for learning and retention. This methodology of operation also finds expression in the motto of her dream project ‘Wings’. 

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