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Raise a gadget-free child!

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In this age of digitalization and social media, gadgets have invaded our lives and those of our children. We usually struggle to keep our kids away from the television, smartphones, iPads, Xbox and all the modern gizmos in vogue today. As they grow older, the time they spend with technology also increases. While this constant exposure keeps the little ones engaged and has several positive implications, the demerits include technological addiction and a host of other negative repercussions.

Let us delve into why top child counsellors emphasize spending gadget-free time with your children, especially during their formative years.

Prevention of health hazards

Young children often get engrossed in playing with these gadgets without paying attention to critical essentials like posture, screen brightness and screen distance, resulting in eye and other health complications. Research has indicated that over-exposure to gadgets adversely affect the cognitive and motor skills of children. Studies have also noted that the more time children, between the ages of six months and two years, spent using handheld screens such as phones and tablets, the more likely they were to experience speech delays and attention deficit disorders. Excessive usage of widgets has also proved to be a leading cause of childhood depression and anxiety. At the same time, exposure to adult content on the internet can contribute to flawed character.

Improved communication

Let’s cite an example: if you are travelling in a car with your child and he has a screen in front of him, he will be, in all likelihood, glued to it. But if he doesn’t have any gadget to play with, he will probably be talking and communicating more. Thus a gadget-free environment will induce a child to communicate and express himself far more. It will also enhance the bond between the child and his parents, friends and peer group. During counselling sessions, leading counsellors also advise the following for the well-being and holistic development of children.

Scheduled hours for screen-viewing

It is important for parents to restrict the number of hours youngsters are exposed to gadgets, including watching TV. Usually, counsellors opine that small children can play with gadgets for an hour everyday while a couple of hours can be the limit for school-going kids.

Encouragement to pursue outdoor activities

It is very important for children to spend their play hours outside the house, in the company of their friends and siblings. While this enhances their communication prowess, it also facilitates the long-distance vision and keeps childhood depression at bay. Instead of gadgets, it is prudent to encourage children to engage with other toys, storybooks, colouring books and puzzles. 

Help at hand

In conclusion, it is safe to say that maintaining a gadget-free environment as much as possible will lead to the all-round development of any child. However, suppose any kid is facing any difficulty in his growing- up years. In that case, it is judicious to consult a child counsellor to identify the root of the problem and solve it. 

Reputed and prominent child counsellors like Neeta Kanoria have helped many a growing child in-need. Her training in DMIT enables her to make children aware of what is going on in their minds, bodies and lives – in a way that the little ones can comprehend. Ms. Kanoria, who loves to be around children, has proved her mettle as a top child counsellor; thanks to her strong knowledge and expertise to recognize, identify, assess, diagnose and treat a wide array of mental health conditions and psychological distress in young adults.

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